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Eyeliner is achieved in two sessions. On the day of your first appointment, the consultation and drawing on the eyeliner takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The actual application takes about an hour. So in all, two hours is scheduled per initial appointment. The second session is to further refine the shape and density of the pigment.

The service is very similar to that of a tattooing service. A custom shape and thickness will be drawn to your preference and we will only move forward when you’re ready! You're a part of the process every step of the way.
The aftercare is very minimal. There is very little redness or swelling if any. It is very important to not be in the sun or have any sweating from exercise for the first 10 days after each appointment. All lotions, creams, and make up should also be avoided on your new eyeliner during healing. Results vary from person to person and may require additional sessions, beyond the initial appointment and 4–6 week touch-up, to achieve desired results.

Feel free to come in 15–20 min early for extra numbing time. If Mandi is with a client, please remind me you’re there for eyeliner numbing and she can pause to get you started.

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