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Non-laser Tattoo Removal

Everyone is a potential candidate for removal! This process usually takes more than one session, but has proven to be very beneficial to anyone with: old pigment, bad shapes, discoloration or just the desire to rework your cosmetic tattooing with new techniques. 

The amount of sessions is not the same for every situation. Factors, such as: the age of the pigment, the type of pigment and the method of the application all play a role in the number of sessions it could take to remove or lighten color. 

For the first week, you will have scabbing and exfoliation of the old pigment. The pain is minimal and is very similar to how you felt when the initial pigment was placed. Mandi has previously had her's done so that she may properly relay the experience to you, as a client. 

The healing process, per session, is 6–8 weeks. Once we've achieved the desired results, the skin must heal 4–6 months before adding any other pigment into the skin. 

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