Lil Tattoos

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Lil Tattoos are simple yet meaningful.

Small tattoos can also be discreet or make for great accessories. Price is determined based on size & detail. Size of tiny tattoos are typically no bigger than 3×3 inches.

What They Say About Us

We looked all over Columbus to find a tiny tattoo artist, because my husband and I wanted to get finger tattoos. Most people won't do it, but I'm so glad we found Pretty In Ink! Makayla did a great job, spoke from experience on what methods/sizing would work best, and we loved the environment. It definitely makes me want to go back and get more tiny tattoos! Check them out!
Alexis K.
I came in to have my eyebrows microbladed. My niece is training under, Mandi, the owner. All workers wore protective gear. Mandi spent time reviewing what was being done to me with the perfect amount of critique. The shop is just the right amount of chic. I walked the four floors to the shop although there is an elevator. Check the place out.
Laura D.
Faux Freckles Online Course. This review is not going to be nearly long enough to express how freakin amazing it is!!! First I’ll start with this … I have the confidence after taking this course knowing my results are going to have people coming back for more and new clients lining up at the door! I’ve taken other freckle training courses and this one surpasses them ALL 🙌🏼 I’m a hands on & visual learner, the extreme close-ups of Mandi doing the freckles was SO APPRECIATED! We see videos of Mandi working on someone new and someone who is coming back. We also get to see videos of healed results 🤭The quality of the videos, I wouldn’t have seen it better actually being there in person! You get PDF files of colour theory (I mean extensive colour theory) & why we choose certain pigments for freckles, intake forms, consent forms, waiver forms, understanding pigments, taking procedure notes and the list goes on!
Crystal Parsons